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We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with these principles in order to ensure that the confidentiality of personal information is protected and maintained. EIVOTOR may change this privacy policy from time to time at EIVOTOR's sole discretion.

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Power Type:USB Mist Outlet
Operation Method:Remote Control
Main Material:PP,ABS
Time Modes: the default continues/10 seconds short/2hours/4hours
Ultrasonic Frequency:2.4 MHz - Advanced Ultrasonic Diffusing Technology

7 Different Colors-Make Your Week Colorful

Enjoy aromatherapy without the risks involved with incense or candles.
Red– Red signifies passion, vitality, enthusiasm and security. It is the light with the longest wavelength.
Orange– It is a dynamic color representing creativity, practicality, playfulness as well as equilibrium or control.
Yellow– It represents clarity of thought, wisdom, orderliness and energy.
Green– This denotes fertility, growth, balance, health and wealth.
Blue– The sky and the wide oceans are in this color and hence it has been connected with Spirituality and Divinity.
Indigo–Indigo colored gem stones are often used for spiritual attainment, psychic abilities, self awareness and enhancement of Intuition.
Violet– Deeper shades of violet or purple denote high spiritual mastery.

Do You Love Having a Pleasant Scent in Your Home?

There is a powerful connection between emotions and scent. Minty oils such as peppermint, wintergreen and spearmint can help you feel fresh and cool. Move your diffuser to the room you plan on spending the most time to help your significant other create vivid memories.
IMMUNE BOOST 2 Drops Rosemary
FALL FAVORITE 5 Drops Cinnamon
FRESH AIR 1 Drop Lemon
WAKE UP CALL 3 Drops Peppermint
AFTERNOON PICK ME UP 4 Drops lemongrass
STRESS NO MORE 2 Drops Ylang Ylang

500ml Capacity Support Max 22H:

The diffuser can hold up to 500ml of water, works well in a large space like your living room without keeping refilling it. With the Adopted Ultrasonic Technology, this diffuser is super quiet while working and won’t bring much disturbance to you.

Weak/Strong Mist Switch:

Long press the “Mist” button at a certain time mode to adjust the mist level ,when you hear one beep, it is strong mist , two short beeps refers weak mist.

Aroma Therapy Offers Great Relaxation

It help much in keeping a proper humidity as well as freshening up the air quality and bring some fragrance to your room when a few drops of essential oils added in. Great Relaxation during the office hours.
Advanced ultrasonic vapor technology fills your space with safe, long lasting aromatherapy. Operate by using the diffuser unit or the remote control


EIVOTOR Aroma Diffuser can decorate your life. It can serve both the aesthetic and therapy purposes of essential oils treatment. By spreading of essential oil micro-particles into the air, it adds oxygen molecule to the air and help eliminate the foul smell effectively, which can create a comfortable environment for your work.


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