NO.1 Super power - PROLONG THE TIME

Being the superuser, you can prolong your warranty period immediately, which is getting the extra 180 days on the basic warranty period.

Non-applicable scope:

Purchase from the unauthorized seller;

Improperly operated devices;

Lost or stolen product;

Non-quality related problem;

Products purchased exceed 18 months ;

Free product.


NO.2 Super power - FREE EXPERIENCE

Being our superuser, you can be the first person who can know the latest information about our products, never worry about missing any good deals you want.

Most importantly, you can apply for a new product experience within a valid period. In other words, you can test our new product for free.

What you need to do is to leave your user experience and suggestion in order to improve our technology so that we can show better product in the future giving you and other customers better and better customer service.


How to be our superuser?

1.Click on the icon upper right corner.

2.Fill in the relative information,submit and finish.


How to use your super power?

1.Once you become our superuser, extension of warranty is a function of superuser

2.Application for the new product experience:

(If you sign in with Facebook, please verify your e-mail address in "My Profile" first.)

Ⅰ Apply one of our product which you like on the superuser page.


Ⅱ Fill in the relative information and then submit the form.


Ⅲ Wait for review, we will inform you via e-mail whether you pass or not.


Ⅳ Wait for the arrival of the product, and enjoy it.


Ⅴ Give the feedback or suggestion for us.


What make us progress is your support and suggestion! Thanks a lot!



Start from becoming our superuser, get more and more super power.


More super powers are developed...